Shadowrun v3 GM Tools

The Shadowrun GM Tools are a work in progress. You can download them at your own risk. I just want to show where my ideas are taking me as I write this software.

NOTE: This application is on hold now as I’m concentrated on the Generic Gaming Platform, which should include the latest version of Shadowrun.

If you want to send me feedback about these tools, please do at I would love to hear comments and suggestions about the tools.

If you like the tools and would like to donate some money for their development, just click on the Donate button.

This software is based on the Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0. It is available from the critical update service in Windows. In IE, just click on Tools/Windows Update, then click on the “product updates” link. Under recommended updates you will see the “Windows .Net Framework v2.0”. That’s what you want to install. If you can’t get to it, you can download it from Microsoft directly. If you want the non-English version of the framework, go to the Microsoft site to download the framework.

Installer version history (just some info about the latest releases):

Latest Releases
Version Name Build Date Size Build Notes
0.13.0 02/11/2010 1.13M Includes the full release of the tools.

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Version history:

0.13.0 (02/11/2010) NOTE:  Please uninstall the old version of the tools before installing this new version. Online registration has moved to a new server for this release, so older versions of the software will not register correctly. This release is moved up to the Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0.  You will have to install that first, before you run the tools.

  • When deleting a skill in the NPC editor, all the specializations get deleted now.
  • Added ammo to the gear.
  • Updated the registration code to the latest version.

0.12.0 (08/19/2003)

  • Added the ability to import characters from NSRCG. The functionality of the import will improve with time as I put more data and information into the applications. Currently, only skills and attributes are imported, but the other data is stored in the campaign file, so when the support for this improves, more data will automatically be parsed into the character. Doesn’t detect magic use very well yet, there aren’t any totems, etc. defined in the apps.
  • When a version of some data changes in the data files, the apps warn you and automatically dirty the data file and ask to save it.
  • Finished the specializations dialog in the NPC editor.
  • Added a new required attribute to gear called Race Modified. When purchasing gear, the user has to specify this if the item requires race modifications.

0.11.0 (07/24/2003)

  • Added Racism generation when creating new NPCs.
  • Added the ability to choose a sex and birthday when creating NPCs and PCs from templates.
  • Added two new check boxes to all the gear items: “Must be troll modified” and “Must be dwarf modified”. Updated all the gear items to check those when I thought it was needed (for example, helmets only needed troll modifications, while armor in general need both troll and dwarf modification). If you disagree about my choices, we can talk about them, just email me.  Thanks for the suggestion on this one!
  • If you created your own NPC / race / critter files, you must open them up in the editor and resave them (open up a critter or race or NPC, dirty it by changing a value, and then save the whole file).
  • Added a way to control what information the Campaign Manager logs in its history data. Currently, you can only choose to log skill and attribute rolls for PCs and NPCs.
  • Added a roll buckets toolbar. Allows you to save dice rolls in groups in the campaign. Useful for long term effect tracking, etc. It’s a very crude version of the buckets toolbar that I will create in the final product.
  • When viewing a PC or NPC, you can now right click on an attribute or skill and roll it. The roll dialog only allows for open-ended rolls, but it follows all the defaulting rules. Also allows the rolling of dice pools, but not complementary skills.  The roll can be saved in a roll bucket.

0.10.0 (06/05/2003)

  • You can create NPCs and PCs in the Campaign Manager using the NPC templates.  Next step is to be able to edit them and then use them for combat tracking.
  • Moved the apps to the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1.
  • Some small GUI fixes in all the apps.
  • Changed the default install location and the name of the installed application to Shadowrun GM Tools.

0.9.0 (05/08/2003)

  • Added a way for users to register the applications and keep themselves informed of newer versions of the product.  This took a long time because I was writing a whole registration system and hooking it up PayPal.

0.8.0 (04/13/2003)

  • A bunch of GUI fixes.
  • Support for multiple data files in each app.  The idea behind this feature is that the tools come with their own data files, which are the core data files.  They are read-only in the applications.  If you want custom gear, magic, skills, etc, you create your own data files that you manage yourself.  The applications then load these data files along with the master data files, and you can’t tell the difference between custom items and master file items in any of the pickers, dropdowns, lists or trees.  The Campaign manager then lets you run the game with multiple data files, and makes adding your own content a snap.
  • Tools/Options for managing options for each app.
  • You can change the colors for the skill matrix in the Skill/Power Editor.
  • The beginnings of the settings for the Campaign Manager are in.
  • Adjusted the way movement is done in races to be the same as in critters.
  • Added dynamic item attributes. They are specified when the item is bought or created and are used to calculate item statistics. Examples include the Strength Minimum in bows (which affects the price and ranges), and caseless or regular ammo in firearms (which affects ammo interoperability).
  • Added required dynamic attributes to the gear that the NPCs own.

0.7.0 (03/20/2003)

  • A bunch of GUI fixes.
  • Right click menus for the tree and most of the views are in.
  • All the improvised weapons are in the gear editor.
  • All the throwing weapons are in.
  • All the impact projectile weapons are in.
  • All the firearms are in (I had to reclassify LMGs, MMGs, HMGs, Miniguns, and Assault Cannons as firearms).

0.6.0 (03/05/2003)

  • All the skills are in (all the active skills and the knowledge skills specifically defined in the books as important).
  • Added a great control, the skill matrix control. Useful for viewing the skill matrix with different options (including color codings for different types of skills).
  • Lots of GUI bug fixes.
  • Added all the skills for all the NPCs in all the books. The only skills missing are concentrations for non existent weapons and dynamic skills on some of the NPCs.

0.5.0 (02/18/2003)

  • Fixed a major bug where you couldn’t create new items in any of the data files.
  • Added the stub for the Skill and Power Editor.

0.4.0 (02/17/2003)

  • The master files are now read-only. The software will allow you to load multiple files for specific data types in a future release (for example, multiple gear files).
  • All the critters’ basic stats are in except for ones with variable stats.
  • Updated the magic editor to have more info (target, duration, drain), as well as the combined spell list view (when you double click on a tree node other than the spell).
  • All the apps have a combined item list view (when you double click on a tree node other than the actual items)..