Are you planning on adding support for UA bloodlines?

At this time there is no support for bloodlines, and adding support is very low on the priority list. You can “fake” a bloodline character by setting the level adjustment of that character to compensate for the bloodline levels that character took. You can then manually add the abilities and feats that the character would have received from a bloodline.


Soulknives can use a special ability called a Mind Blade which can be augmented and enhanced like a regular weapon. How is that handled in the tools?

There are three special gear items created for this purpose. There is a “Mind Blade”, a “Mind Blade, Longsword”, and a “Mind Blade, Bastard Sword”. Each item requires a weapon proficiency that the Soulknives get as part of their class abilities. A soulknife then can “carry” any or all of the Mind Blade gear items and equip them as regular gear. He can also augment these weapons by adding enhancement bonuses to them as well as weapon special properties.

Data Files

How do I create and use my own campaign specific data in the tools?

The editors included with the tools let you create any number of other data files. They don’t allow the editing of the built in data files, but you can create your own. Then, in the Campaign Manager, open the Campaign tree node, double click on the Settings tree node. Then click on the data files tab of the Campaign Settings view. You should be able to include your own data files here for that specific campaign.


How do I equip more than one of a group of items?

The equipment list only allows you to equip one of a group of items. To equip two of the same item, split the group into 2 by right clicking on the item and choosing the split menu item. This is normally not an issue because most magic items cannot be grouped, but if you want to wear two non magical rings that are grouped, you need to split them into two item entries.


Under psionic powers, learn/unlearn powers, a psionic class is not able to learn powers from other power lists or disciplines. Not good since a psionic class can learn powers at the cost of 200xp per power level from other power lists, per XPH page 64: Adding Powers: Independent Research.

First, just buying a power from another’s power list doesn’t work. The DM and the player must determine the power’s level and any other changes required. For example, a Telekinetist trying to research a specific Egoist power should not be as good at it as an Egoist (in my opinion). The power should cost more power points to manifest for the Telekinetist than an Egoist. Or the level should be different. This can be done by adding your own magic data file and putting a new version of that power in there with the required changes.

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