D&D 3.5 Edition DM tools Tutorial

The D&D 3.5 Edition tools are a linked set of programs which are designed to aid Gamemasters in the preparation and running of game sessions. This includes everything from keeping track of your PCs' statistics, to crunching all the numbers associated with comabt to generating a weather forecast for your campaign world. The aim of this tutorial is to guide you step by step through most of the main features of the programs. It is designed so that you can follow along with the programs open yourself if you wish, or to just read which ever parts are proving tricky to grasp.

This is a work-in-progress document.




Campaign Manager

1 - Overview

A brief overview of the program's features

2 - Starting a New Campaign

Getting a new campaign and campaign setting sorted out

3 - Editing Campaign Information

Adding in all the basic information you'll need for your campaign

4 - Adding a (Non)Player Character

Adding a (N)PC to your campaign file

5 - Managing (N)PCs

Editing (N)PCs statistics, Hit Points, equipment etc.

6 - World Management

Editing all information pertaining to the campaign setting

7 - Combat Screen

Using the Campaign Manager to run combat scenarios

8 - Time Tracking

Keeping track of time



Class Editor



Creature Editor



Data Book Editor



Equipment Editor



Figure Editor



Magic Editor



Skill Power Editor




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